#1 Sprouting? by stitchblade 29.05.2012 14:12


I've been scared to try my hand at sprouting...

#2 RE: Sprouting? by FrugalRaw 29.05.2012 14:19


It is actually very easy, and VERY economical! The trick is to make sure they stay clean and dry so they do not mold rather than sprout. I like to use mesh colanders when I do mine (I procured mine at an Indian store). Having a window nearby is helpful as well.

Rinse whatever you are sprouting three times a day, but never let them sit in water after the initial soak. I have charts and guidelines for soaking and sprouting seeds, beans, legumes, grains, nuts, and dried fruits in my book/ebook.

#3 RE: Sprouting? by stitchblade 30.05.2012 22:59


I was going to get this a long time ago, but did not see it for kindle on Amazon. How do I purchase it to read on my ipad?

#4 RE: Sprouting? by stitchblade 30.05.2012 23:01


at your blog now and I see where to purchase the ebook version. :)

#5 RE: Sprouting? by FrugalRaw 02.06.2012 07:09


I've been sprouting garbanzos this week - I'll take a picture and post it this afternoon:)

and here it is!

These show 2 days worth of growth. They are ready to make into hummus!

#6 RE: Sprouting? by stitchblade 03.06.2012 21:03


Are you posting to here or your blog?

#7 RE: Sprouting? by FrugalRaw 05.06.2012 11:08


I am posting here - it's been crazy, and I am having camera issues - waiting for my husband to send me the pic I took;) I'll post it soon!

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