#1 When it just CLICKS! by FrugalRaw 11.06.2012 14:33


That's about all I can describe it as - something within me just "clicked" last night and then again today! I've been beating myself up for having left raw veganism in the first place so long ago. But then I realized, that if I hadn't, I would have less credibility to those who are still struggling...that whole "You just don't know how hard this is" thing. Well, I've been there and done that. Last year I was nearly homeless and had to eat what ever I could forage from local food banks and churchs. Since the first of the year, I've been cleaning up my diet and went on a 30 day cooked cleanse in March. Since then I have been building back up to my raw vegan life as money has improved for us with me gaining my massage licensure and starting to build my clientele. I've really been easing myself back in on very high raw for a little over a month now, dealing with some major detoxification symptoms, and wanting to get back to where I was and was thriving - at 100% raw vegan.

I've long been a good listener of my body, and here lately, I have been feeling very strongly that I need to go on a serious cleanse. Well, last night, the first "click" happened - that was the "latch" on my door - locking out of my life anything not raw vegan. It's time. I've had all of my "last hurrahs" and am done with the nonsense. Then today, a second "click" of just how I need to be going about doing this - and I am doing it by juicing/blending EVERYTHING I consume for the next 92 days! Look for updates on this in Frugal Raw Feasting...

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