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I have been considering this for a while now, and this morning have been educating myself on the topic. When I lived in east TN, I had just about every weed growing around my little farmhouse, but never partook of the plethora because too many trees on the property were sick and dying. I wish now that I had access to at least the plantains, thistles and dandelions in a better environment.

That's not to say that I am giving up! I hope to find places in the DFW metro area where I can harvest wild edibles. Since I enjoy walking on side trails, it might not be so hard to come up with some of these.

People used to think this was crazy, but oddly enough I am seeing things in store produce areas I have never seen before offered - including dandelion leaves and aloe fronds! How bizarre!!

Now, if you have the ability to do your own gardening, you may just have some of these things cropping up in your own yard from time to time - try them next time you see them before you go mowing them down...you may just find you like them!

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I used to eat dandelions all the time when I was a kid. That and something that we called wild carrots...not sure what they are really called. It's just how do you know if things have been sprayed?? Makes me nervous!

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If it's in your own backyard, or an over-grown wooded area, odds are very good they haven't been sprayed. I would feel confident going camping/foraging in a State Park, for instance.

Wild carrot is also known as Queen Anne's Lace:)

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Here's a link to a good video on foraging in Central Park up in NY.


#5 RE: Wild Foraging! (aka: free food) by FrugalRaw 16.06.2012 12:57


and here's another for Sergei Boutenko who has about 48 mins of footage on 23 different wild edibles:


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