#1 Five Years... by FrugalRaw 15.07.2012 20:24


August 1, 2007 - my first day on high raw vegan foods! I have experienced and learned SO much since that day. I have seen so much (good and bad) in myself and in others. I stayed high raw for 8 months straight, then slowly everything including me unraveled for a number of those years. Mercifully, I have been rewoven, and I am back. My only regret being that I like so many others went off the grid for a time, and now I look at the raw vegan community and how sparse and dispersed it has become...knowing I should have supported it all the time. I think it's the scammers I have discovered that upset me the most - people who inspired me, who I have recommended and supported over the years...seeing them taking advantage of others is nothing less than heartbreaking to see.

Then there are the sell-outs; the disappointments...the movers & shakers of back then who walked away from this amazing lifestyle, knowing its benefits when done fully raw and frugally right -only to begin touting the latest in snake oil formulated from the things they know will cost a person's health - only to be the newest one on the block to make a buck on all those folks who so desperately want that "magic pill" that will fix it ALL - that will fix it so that they can eat and do whatever they want and they'll all be supermodels and live fabulous lives forever!

Looks pretty bleak, doesn't it? So many challenges; so many heartaches...and yet there is always a way...I have faith.

I think back to that time now - those beautiful first days and then months on high raw, and how different they were for me then than they are now...

Back then, for me - there was more excitement. Now there is more peace within.
It started out as a period of transformation; now it's a time of self-renewal and embrace.

Yet, I am finding that the community that was, is no more...and that the time we are in now as raw foodists is a rebuilding period for all.
I look for my old friends, and I see where I barely missed some of them...they surfaced last year, and are again gone...others are simply gone - frustrated by the challenge - they have simply given up.

Now, as I begin to form my holistic practice, I see that for so many new faces, they are unwilling to fully grasp this lifestyle for their own sakes...always ready with a quick excuse as to why "they can't" do this...
But what they fail to see is that most commonly, it's pride that keeps them from succeeding.
Pride keeps them sick.
Pride keeps them hurting.
Pride keeps them dying.
Pride stops them from truly living...because you know that (burger/beer/pizza/etc) they just HAVE to HAVE? Yeah -well in their minds, they "DESERVE" that - it's THEIRS and they are going to enjoy every heart stopping lucious bite of it because it's "NOT FAIR" they should be denied it and it's "THEIR RIGHT" to have it anyway...

So why doI keep on keeping on?

Simply put...I refuse to not be here for even ONE person who wants to regain their HEALTH and LIVE! If I can only help the one, that one is well worth it!

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