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Around 1500, the approximately 1-1/2 inch (4 cm)high ?rider?s saucony freedom heel? was worn by horse riders to prevent theirfeet from slipping forward in the stirrup. In 1533, the diminutivewife of the Duke of Orleans, Catherine de' Medici, got high heelshoes made for herself both to increase her height and stature. Theidea of heels caught on and both men and women continued wearingheels as a matter of noble fashion throughout the seventeenth andeighteenth centuries.

To tell the truth, these shoes are the lightest ones I have got.Now, to satisfy these technology fans, I'd like to recommend you free Nike Shox shoes, because I myself like these shoes very much.The famous Nike Shox shoes are well-known among lots of people. And almost everybody show saucony freedom iso love to them. It is acknowledged that Nike shoes are high-qualified and their designs are unique. People show great love to Nike Shox r3 shoes because these shoes are never out of style.

The light weight of its only one saucony guide shoe can make sure that it must be the lightest one in the world. With the developing of the modern basketball games, the requirement for basketball shoes are becoming more strict, the lightest weight, fast speed, and the battle effectiveness have come to the first problem, so the selected shoes materials are always light and durable.We all admit the benefits that upper leather material can bring to us but its disadvantages can not be ignored.

Such as the heavy weight, and bad saucony guide 10 ventilation performance, as for the man-made fabric upper material lightweight and breathable are needless to say, but the heavy weight problem is the question. Under such a requirement, a new basketball upper shoes material is ready on its way. At the very beginning of the NBA seasonal games, Adidas launched the AdiZero Rose 1.0, which used the Monomesh material as the upper material thus make the shoes weight down to 373 grams, and became the lightest shoes in Adidas Basketball shoes history.

This new shoe is much lighter than the ordinary 450 grams to 500 grams weight, which had been a breakthrough in the shoes lose weight campaign. The subsequent AdiZero Rose 1.5 basketball shoes series used new SpiritSkin technical uppers, thus making the shoes weight far more lighter than AdiZero Rose, 1.0. Since then, AdiZero Rose basketball shoe was the saucony hurricane lightest basketball shoe in Adidas basketball shoes history.

It was just two to three months time, Adidas broke its record, from the 373 grams to 273 grams, it sounded really crazy. This pair of basketball shoes did not use any of leather fabric, it connected the nylon fabric and mesh and special materials to an extreme perfect. The SprintWeb technology upper can finish the task of the formal thick shoes in its protection and surpport. The perfect combination of the mid-sole and the heel make a perfect reverse effecting the playing, which should contribute to the Sprint Frame technology.

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